Electrolyte Supplement for Dogs

Product description

Ignite K9 Electrolytes is an isotonic electrolyte supplement that maintains mineral balance within the canine's body.
Ignite K9 Electrolytes is an isotonic pellet for canines that contains 4 strains of microbial cultures to support digestive tract health along with alfalfa, wheat bran, molasses and dextrose in a highly palatable pellet form.
Ignite K9 Electrolytes is formulated for effective electrolyte replacement for all classes of canines. Electrolytes are an extremely important factor in regulating muscle function, fluid balance, and metabolism. Deficiencies can result in muscle fatigue and dysfunction.
During strenuous activity or exercise the canine's body temperature, pH, osmolarity and energy levels must be maintained.

Recommended for:

All Forms of Exercise
• Canines in Training
• Performance and Endurance canine Athletes
• Canines Under Stress

⇒ Ignite K9 Electrolytes Electrolyte Formula offers the fastest and most efficient delivery of all forms of electrolytes. Isotonic electrolytes provide the proper concentration of minerals in the same isotonic balance as those found within the cell and circulation. This is important for maintaining osmotic pressure, fluid balance, and proper pH during exercise or physical stress.

⇒ Ignite K9 Electrolytes is an all natural dog supplement with no artificial colors or flavors as found in other brands.

⇒ Feeding Directions:

Light training: 1 scoop daily
• Moderate training: 1 scoop, twice daily
• Heavy training or other intense conditions up to 3 scoops daily.

source: www.mvpk9supplements.com