Weight Gainer for Dogs

Product description

Formula MASS weight gainer Is a unique blend that provides highly digestible fats, proteins, and carbohydrates to sustain energy for the athletic canine. The high energy density of Formula M.A.S.S. Weight Gainer is derived from premium quality vegetable fats that are of high nutritional value. Formula MASS Weight Gainer also contains direct fed micobials to support gut health. Canines love the taste of Formula MASS Weight Gainer.


- Weight Gain or weight stability
- Maintaining musculature
- Supports skin and coat
- Quicker recovery following exertion

⇒ Formula MASS Weight Gainer is the most advanced product available to help maintain the weight of all classes of canines without subjecting it to the stresses of unnecessary over feeding.
⇒ Formula MASS Weight Gainer is a palatable powder with excellent flavor release and a great aroma.


Formula MASS Weight Gainer can be added to your dog's daily diet. Just simply add the recommended dosage to your canines kibble and shake. Our formula is designed to make it easier for your canine to consume, and no water is needed. For bigger gains or server cases increase dosage by double.

• Canines under 50lbs: 1/3 scoop per 15lbs, daily
• Canines 50lbs and over: 1 scoop per 50lbs, daily

⇒ Formula MASS Weight Gainer is great for athletic canines to increase and maintain weight, muscle mass, energy levels, reduce fatigue, fuel muscle during performance, and enhance recovery time. By increasing a healthy calorie intake with a daily exercise program your canine will build more muscle to amplify strength. Show dogs, hunting dogs, agility dogs, working dogs, weight pulling dogs, abused or neglected dogs, recovering or nursing mothers, puppies, and even your pet at home will benefit from using Formula MASS Weight Gainer

⇒ Formula MASS Weight Gainer offers an excellent source of premium quality vegetable fats. Fats are concentrated forms of energy, and contain two-and-one-fourth times the energy as an equivalent weight of protein or carbohydrates. Since fats are abundantly available in both plants and animals, they are an economical source of productive energy and fatty acids. Fats also carry fat soluble vitamins. It is extremely important to feed your canine premium quality fats since they can influence the ability to perform muscular work, skin, and coat condition. Puppies that are not fed adequate amounts of fat can have developmental problems and growth deformities as well. Our formula offers the right balance of premium quality vegetable fats to help your canine live a long and healthier lifestyle

⇒ Formula MASS Weight Gainer contains high quality protein. It is important to feed your canine a high quality protein to promote a long and healthier life. Proteins are broken down into separate amino acids in the digestive tract by the action of enzymes. The liver then processes the amino acids into protein that the body needs to build muscle. When there is an imbalance or efficiency of animal protein in your canines diet a variety of health issues may occur. Epilepsy and seizure disorders are among this list of health issues. Proteins/amino acids serve as important building blocks for body tissue, organs, enzymes, hormones, and antibodies which are important for adult and growing puppies. Our formula offers the right balance of high quality protein to help your canine live a long and healthier lifestyle.

⇒ Formula MASS Weight Gainer also supports gut health through direct fed microbials (DFM). It is important to incorporate (DFM) into your canines daily diet to inhibit problem causing bacteria responsible for disturbances in the GI tract. Growth rate, feed conversion, and many diseases are closely connected with the overall function of the gastrointestinal system.

source: www.mvpk9supplements.com